El premio

The Iberoamerican Fénix Film Awards recognize and celebrate the film production from Latin American, Spain and Portugal. This annual awarding, organized by Cinema 23, brings together all the filmmaking community from the Iberoamerican region to recognize those who with whose work contribute to the film industry. It connects the film making from other countries and presents the iberoamerican cinema to other regions.

Cinema23 is an association that gives promotion to cinema made in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. It is conformed by different people part of the film industry with a recognized and relevant trajectory.

La pieza

The original piece of the Fenix Film Awards is a creation of the Brazilian artist, Artur Lescher (São Paulo, 1962). It represents an egg of the Phoenix bird. For the 13 categories, the egg has an aluminium black mate finish with a ring of brass, and for the special awards it has a refined natural aluminium finish.

Artist statement:

“The Fénix bird is reborn from its ashes. From a charcoal egg, a light being is born. The object is composed from relation between duality and contrast. It states its formal character from the material and the elements which is composed.

It is not just about a trophy figure, but an active object that unleashes strength and power to recall the concept that is part of the Fénix Film Awards.”

– Artur Lescher.

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El proceso para definir a los ganadores del Premio iberoamericano de cine Fénix® se divide en tres:

La selección y Nominación para todas las categorías serán establecidas exclusivamente por los integrantes de los Comités de selección y nominación de Cinema23 y por los Consejos técnicos correspondientes.

La Votación final es realizada por un Comité de votación conformado por los profesionales de cada área.

Cada integrante del Comité de votación vota en la categoría en la que se desempeña profesionalmente y en Largometraje de ficción.


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