Largometrajes de ficción

These are the Fénix Award categories: (Note that each category has a maximum number of five nominations, except for the fiction feature category, which has seven.)

  1. Feature Film
  2. Directing
  3. Acting (Male)
  4. Acting (Female)
  5. Screenplay
  6. Fiction Cinematography
  7. Production Design
  8. Costume Design
  9. Editing
  10. Sound
  11. Original Score
  12. Documentary Feature
  13. Documentary Cinematography

To be elegible for Fénix awards, films must meet all these following requirements:

  • Those films produced in Iberoamerica, or, failing this, those films with:
    • at least one Iberoamerican country as a co-producer.
    • at least 60 % of those responsible for the areas or categories considered for nomination have nationality of any country of Ibero-America.
  • At least 60 minutes in duration.
  • The date of the first screening in a theater, whether as a commercial release or as a screening film festival, anywhere in the world, must have been between June 1st, 2017 and May 31th, 2018.
  • Market screenings are not considered as premiere.
  • Filmed or captured in any format and projected on 35mm or digitally.
  • Animated features will not be accepted.
  • Not accepted: works produced for promotional, institutional, or advertising purposes; animated features; or films released on television or online.
  • Note that in the event of disagreement, the Nomination Committee will determine the participation of a production in one or the other category. (Click here to see Nomination Committee)
  • Works formatted for television or any other non-film platform must apply as part of the “Series” category, if and when they meet the requirements for that category (see Series).

    The Selection and Nomination Committee is made up of Iberoamerican film scholars, researchers, critics, programmers, promoters, and festival directors, who are convened based on their work and career paths. Also professional from the international film industry such as directors and festival programers.The process to determine the winners of the Fénix Film Awards® is divided into three stages: Pre-selection by country, Nomination (Phase I and Phase II), and Voting.  



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Serán considerados elegibles los largometrajes documentales que cumplan con las siguientes características:

  • Aquellos documentales producidos en Iberoamérica o, en su defecto, aquellos que cuenten con al menos un país iberoamericano como coproductor (podrá participar por cualquiera de los países coproductores).
  • Se considerará documental un largometraje de no ficción.
  • Estrenado públicamente en una sala cinematográfica, ya sea una función comercial o en un festival de cine, muestra, ciclo o exhibición en cualquier parte del mundo, entre el 1 de junio de 2018 y 31 de mayo de 2019.
  • No se consideran los screenings de mercado como estreno.
  • Duración mínima de 60 minutos.
  • Filmado o capturado en cualquier formato y que se proyecte en 35 mm o digitalmente.
  • No son elegibles los documentales estrenados en televisión o internet.
  • No se aceptan largometrajes de animación.
  • No se aceptarán trabajos con fines promocionales, institucionales, publicitarios.
  • No se considerarán trabajos con formato para televisión o cualquier otra plataforma no cinematográfica.

Las categorías de largometraje documental son:

  1. Largometraje documental
  2. Fotografía documental
  3. Música original (categoría compartida con largometraje de ficción)

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The Fenix® Awards will now recognize TV series and/or digital platforms as part of their annual programming.

Each category will have a maximum of five nominations.
<li>Ensemble acting (up to five actors and actresses)</li>
Series will be considered eligible if they meet the following criteria:
<li>A series is defined as a set of episodes with a continuous plot, story, and characters presented under the same title and with continuity in the pr
<li>Awards for series are designed for companies and regions from the Iberoamerican region (Latin America, Spain, and Portugal). As a result, those productions from countries beyond the Iberoamerican region are ineligible—except for co-productions, whether financial or technical in nature, with a country from this region.</li>
<li><strong>Series filmed at least 60% in an Iberoamerican country.</strong></li>
<li>Series that have been broadcast in the Iberoamerican region on TV: public television, private television, cable television, or any international or local SVOD or TVOD platform. Series broadcast on any form of social media or AVOD digital platform or catch-up TV will not be accepted.</li>
<li>Series that have been premiered between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018. Those series that have released at least their first episode by May 31, 2018 will be considered.</li>
<li>Series with a minimum total of six episodes and a maximum total of 26 episodes per season.</li>
<li>Series with a duration of no less than 80 minutes and no less than 20 minutes.</li>
<li>Series premiered in more than one country in the region via channels or platforms.</li>
<li>Documentary series, teleseries, miniseries, soap operas, reality shows, animated series, or children’s series will not be considered.</li>
Nominations will be determined by persons primarily associated with the television industry or with Iberoamerican television production companies. Other experts take part in the selection, nomination, and voting committees. All such individuals are affiliated with cinema23.

To carry out the selection, nominations, and voting, the Fenix® Awards organization must receive two episodes, which will be:
<li>The pilot episode.</li>
<li>The episode chosen by the showrunner or producer according to the categories in which he/she wishes to participate.</li>

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