Cinema23 announces the indefinite cancellation of the Fénix Awards

Mexico City, June 4, 2019.- After two months of close dialogue with the new Mexico City government, the association Cinema23 hereby officially announces the indefinite cancellation of the Fénix Film Awards, primarily due to budgetary reasons that prevent us from organizing the awards ceremony, as well as the various projects surrounding this event, such as roundtables, master classes, industry meetups and showings of recent Iberoamerican films.

On April 1, Cinema23 announced that the 2019 Fénix Film Awards would be cancelled due to the state of uncertainty and the lack of response on the part of the new government. The Mexico City Culture Secretariat rapidly responded to this news and to the position of the filmmakers and industry professionals who form part of Cinema 23, as well as that of the film industry in our country, and opened a dialogue to find alternatives that would allow for the continuity of this project.

The conversations between Cinema23 and the Mexico City Culture Secretariat suggested several possible courses of action to adapt the Fénix Film Awards to a format more in accordance with the new economic reality laid out by the city government, as well as allowing it to continue with its other public and professional activities. Nevertheless, the proposals of the Mexico City Culture Secretariat lacked the minimum needed – in time, form and government resources – to complement our private donations and allow for the proper organization of the Fénix Fénix Awards and its associated projects, and so the decision was made to indefinitely cancel the awards.

Despite this news, Cinema23 will finish the projects it undertook as a commitment to the Federal Culture Secretariat in 2018. This summer, it will publish six free print and digital notebooks featuring the work of some of our members: Titón contra los demonios (Titón Against the Demons) by Luciano Castillo, on the Cuban filmmaker Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, which was presented at the most recent Havana International Film Festival; Cines que cambian el mundo: Argentina y Colombia (Cinema That Changes the World: Argentina and Colombia) by Julián David Correa, the current director of the Colombian Ministry of Culture’s Film Department; the roundtable from Dirección Semana Fénix 2016 (Directing – Fénix Week 2016), featuring the Brazilian directors Kleber Mendonça Filho and Gabriel Mascaro, the Spanish director Albert Serra and the Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski; a roundtable held in 2017, A propósito de Japón (On Japón), on the debut film by the Mexican director Carlos Reygadas featuring the writer, journalist and filmmaker Diego Enrique Osorno, the visual artist Abraham Cruzvillegas and Reygadas himself; the shooting script for Las herederas (The Heiresses), by the Paraguayan director Marcelo Martinessi; and the shooting script for Pájaros de verano (Birds of Passage), by the Colombians Cristina Gallego y Ciro Guerra. These notebooks, along with our 30 other published titles, can be found on our website,, in Spanish, Portuguese and English interactive digital versions.

Cinema23 and the Fénix Film Awards would like to thank the general public, the media and its sponsors for their interest; its members for their collaboration and enthusiasm during these months of uncertainty; and the Mexico City Culture Secretariat for its response and openness.

Cinema23 believes that film, cultural, arts and humanities communities can withstand any political context and should be recognized for their labor and importance. We also hope that this administration, as well as those to come, provide those grants, through due legal procedure, that allow for the existence of those cultural associations and citizen initiatives that contribute to our cultural diversity and that do not depend on the state, but complement the work that the latter cannot fully carry out. In the end, an active, participatory society contributes in an eminently healthy way to the development of a country.

The cancellation of the Fénix Film Awards is indefinite, not definite, with the hope that the project can be resumed at a later date and come back with the same strength and drive with which it arose over six years ago.

Thank you for being part of Cinema23 and the Fénix Film Awards.

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Acerca de Premios Fénix

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El Premio iberoamericano de cine Fénix® es un reconocimiento anual creado y organizado por Cinema23, que celebra y destaca el trabajo de los profesionales de la industria del cine hecho en Iberoamérica, con el objetivo de dar visibilidad, fortalecer vínculos entre las cinematografías de la región y cautivar a un público más amplio.

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Acerca de Cinema23

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Cinema23 es una asociación creada en 2012 para la promoción y difusión de la cultura cinematográfica de América Latina, España y Portugal. Está conformada por más de mil profesionales de cine con destacada trayectoria y reconocimiento, provenientes de los 22 países de la región y aquellos que contribuyen a su cine.

Los integrantes de Cinema23 aportan y participan activamente en las actividades y estrategias que la asociación lleva a cabo durante todo el año, como parte de un intercambio creativo, cultural y de conocimiento entre las diferentes cinematografías de las naciones que la conforman.

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