Samuel, Joaquín and Marcos, are three old friends living their lives in downtown Bogotá. They spend their days between Lasker – the legendary chess club, The Caribbean Casino, and La Normanda – a traditional coffee shop. Samuel, 53, is a professional chess player that lives of betting on small matches he knows he will win. His best friend is Joaquín, 65, an accomplished watch-maker who’s about to loose the workshop he inherited from his father. And then there’s Marcos, 72, a Spanish homeopath devoted to finding a formula to win poker matches. These three men have found shelter in the safety of their routines, avoiding to facing up to their failures. But a time comes when they are confronted by reality and causes them to stagger.

Natalia Santa.

Natalia Santa was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1977. She studied Literature and after graduating went into editorial media, working for the publishing house Alfaguara and Taurus in Colombia. She began screenwriting in 2002 with teen mini-series for television. Since then she has developed several audio-visual projects in which she has endeavored to explore the intimate universes of the characters portrayed.

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